You can find me most days working from my home studio.

It’s an inspiring environment to work in and it’s been customised with some of the best equipment available, to make sure my clients always get a high quality recording from me.

Depending on my client’s requirements, I can record voice only from script, voice-to-video to hit exact timings or mix voice with soundtracks on request.

Most of the time I create ready-to-use voice files which I’ve edited and processed but I’m equally happy to send back the raw, unprocessed file to be edited by the client’s production team.

As I work with clients from all over the world, it’s important to me that I have reliable ways to connect and work with them remotely. When clients want to direct a session live from another studio I use ipDTL* or Source Connect Now to link with them remotely as well as Skype, if they need to discuss the project.

In case you want to know, here’s a short list of the equipment that makes up my studio:


Sound booth - Studiobricks

Microphones - Neumann, Shure & RØDE

Software/Hardware - Protools, Mbox, M-Audio

Studio Links - *ipDTL, Source Connect Now or Skype

*(ipDTL is a great replacement or alternative to an ISDN line. It’s easy to use and runs on Chrome Browser with no specialist equipment required).

Click the link below to connect directly with me via ipDTL:

Jacqueline Duff.png