About Me


‘Voiceover Artist’ wasn’t on the list of job options from my Career Advisor...however...

I studied Drama, English, Film and Theatre at college.  When I left, I had various roles including one which also required me to sing, which I loved.  This was the start of my career as a professional singer, travelling the world with different bands, performing for high profile clients including royalty and studying singing and vocal technique with the fantastic Helena Shenel.

At the same time, I also started a parallel career as a Hand Model working in TV and Publications (Yep…holding bottles of ketchup on camera is a real job!)  A chance conversation with a director on set brought up my acting background and vocal training and he asked me ‘Why aren’t you working in Voice Over?’

I didn’t know much about Voice Over then so I looked into it and was lucky to be signed by a London voice agent. A week later I recorded my first voiceover for a TV commercial.  I absolutely loved voiceover and the range of work, from promoting a top brand, reading a character for a video game or narrating a serious message for a corporate film.  Being able to draw upon my drama and vocal training was so useful as the range of scripts were quite diverse.

A few months on, I was chosen by Orange, the mobile phone company, as the voice of ‘Wildfire’ a unique ‘virtual assistant’ using a new, interactive voice response technology. Turns out, ‘Wildfire’ is often quoted as a big influence on the Siri / Cortana / Alexa type systems which are now just part of daily life!

As the Voice Over industry began using the internet, it became clear I needed to upskill again because of developments in recording technology. So in 2007 my first home studio was set up with basic equipment, software and a laptop until my current studio was built in 2013 which houses a professional sound booth, custom built PC with ProTools software, remote access for clients and a range of fantastic microphones.

In 2008 I also studied another love of mine, Garden Design, which ended up in me winning an RHS medal for a Show Garden I built at BBC Gardener’s World Live in 2011. 

I’m so pleased that I managed to bring my experience in these two areas together when I designed and commissioned my recording studio and the garden it now stands in.


My studio, the high-quality recording technology it is equipped with, and the garden environment around it, now provides me with a perfect environment to meet my clients needs.

I connect with clients remotely when they wish to direct during the recording session and I enjoy working on a variety of projects including corporate, e-learning, audiobooks and character based work.

I’m a One Voice Awards nominee in two separate categories.

As a freelancer, I’m proud that over the years I’ve developed good working relationships with many regular clients who come back to me for repeat work.

I still love designing gardens when time permits and have designed gardens for private clients and schools in the South East. It provides a real ‘change of scenery’ that you occasionally need after hours, or sometimes days, in a vocal booth.

So what does the future hold?

Well, I love life, people and my job! (and I make no apologies for the positivity). My recent rediscovery of my love of the outdoors is leading me to places I never dreamed I’d get to!

There’s a big world waiting so I’m hoping to reach a few more heights, both personally and professionally.

Oh…and if my old career advisor is reading this…please put Voice Over Artist on your list!