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Hi, I’m Jacqueline,

I’ve been a voice artist for almost 20 years and I aim to bring that experience to my clients’ projects every day. My voice is often described as natural, professional, trustworthy, engaging, confident and warm with imaginative and believable character voices.

My native accent is a natural English RP but I also work regularly with clients who want a neutral southern Irish accent.

I record from my own purpose built home studio but also travel to studios in Central London and further when clients need me to.

I believe that every client deserves the same level of quality and professionalism from me whether I’m working with major global brands, well-known corporations or new start-ups, so I was delighted to be nominated in 2 categories at the One Voice Awards for ‘Corporate/Explainer - Best Overall Performance’ and ‘Telephony/IVR - Overall Best Performance’.


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English Demos

English Videos

english Audiobooks

‘Being Brave’ and ‘Being Different’ from the ‘BeeMates’ Series

‘Being Brave’ and ‘Being Different’ from the ‘BeeMates’ Series

‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’

‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’

‘The Adventures of Little Mouse’ Series

‘The Adventures of Little Mouse’ Series

Irish Demos

Irish Videos

Irish Audiobooks

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